Connect with your customers

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An APP for bars, restaurants, breweries, and any business that wants to connect with their customers & give them a reason to visit everyday!


Build your audience

Have your customers follow your business on Tuava and you'll get a way to connect with them after they leave.




Send Push Notifications

Tuava lets you send push notifications directly to your subscribed customers.

Is tonight Happy Hour at your bar? Hosting trivia night at the club? Having a special event?

Reach all your fans at once or create groups to target with a push notification

Create Exclusive Coupons

Create and send coupons in Tuava to reward your customers for their loyalty and entice them to come back more often.



Promote events and activities

Do you have weekly specials, happy hours or events?

List them on the Tuava calendar, so your fans always know the right times to visit.

Analytics to Improve your campaigns

The best part of Tuava is the data behind your campaigns. What’s working? What’s not? Don’t waste your time with ineffective marketing, figure out which campaigns are the most effective for you!

With Tuava's web portal your business will know which notifications spur the most interest and which deals are the most popular. Fine tune your campaigns and give your members what they want most.


Member Segmenting and Targeting

Tuava lets you target your campaigns by segmenting your members. You can create groups of members within your network based on their preferences, likes, dislikes, hobbies, demographics, etc. Then customize deals that cater to these groups ensuring everyone receives relevant deals and information. You can even personalize a deal and send it to a single person in your network.


Simple Pricing, Major Value

Pay as you grow, cancel anytime.

Getting Started


for 50 members

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Gaining Traction


for 250 members

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Going Big!


for unlimited members

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More customers, more visits, more often.