Start a Membership Club

No credit card required

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Create multiple membership levels, add your monthly price and start generating recurring revenue.


100% APP Based

Sign up and create a subscription based membership club quickly and easily.

Great way to build loyalty and get repeat business.




Send Push Notifications

Tuava lets you send push notifications directly to your subscribed customers.

Is tonight Happy Hour at your bar? Hosting trivia night at the club? Having a special event?

Reach all your members at once with a push notification

Promote events and activities

Do you have weekly specials, happy hours or events?

List them on the Tuava calendar, so your fans always know the right times to visit.


Simple Pricing, Major Value

You set your monthly membership fee, Tuava retains 15% to cover all expenses

All fees are covered including IT, support, and merchant services. The rest gets deposited directly into your bank account each month.